Canadian Filming Fun

John-Riley retuned to Toronto over the holidays and has had the pleasure of working on couple commercials, one for Coaches Association of Ontario, and another for Sportsnet. He also had the privilege of working on Collision Course in a principal role. Catch his most recent work filmed in NYC in Deadliest Decade and Monster Inside Me, both recently aired in North America and UK.

Teaching Artist Residencies. Summer 2017

John-Riley is now working as a teaching artist with Irondale Brooklyn with residencies at NYU, CUNY, Columbia, and Rockaway Water Alliance. He works with students to develop their presentation skill by introducing them to a variety of games designed to allow freedom of thought and expression, with the end goal of improving the ability to create stories associated with STEM research and increase audience engagement while presenting.

Industry Showcase. March 2017

March 6th the Actors Studio MFA program will be presenting their industry showcase for the 2017 graduating class. 2pm and 6:30pm at the Actors Studio, west 44th st. 
John-Riley will be presenting a scene from Hurlyburly, playing Eddie opposite Amanda Jungquist as Darlene.